O’Reilly & Vincent Out With “The Roof Falls In”

The second single from their latest studio album, “Uturo is Breathing”, the songwriting partnership of Dublin singer and musician Finn O’Reilly and Shropshire poet Rod Vincent reunited for a second time as O’Reilly & Vincent. Rod Vincent and his partner wrote this tune after returning from a vacation to find their living room ceiling had caved in. The area was covered in dust and other debris. Just try to fathom the shock on their faces! On the other hand, it inspired a song by O’Reilly & Vincent.

The exuberant hope that we can handle anything life throws at us is set against the sombre reflection on a domestic issue that the song depicts. It accomplishes this with some underhanded tempo switching between the verse and chorus, as well as some foot stomping, clapping, violin, and flute. The song is performed purely acoustically by Finn on guitar and Rod on acoustic bass. This is our most authentically Irish song to date; while listening, try to place yourself in a pub in Dublin, as that’s where Finn O’Reilly is from.

O'Reilly & Vincent Out With "The Roof Falls In"
O’Reilly & Vincent Out With “The Roof Falls In”

In the spring of 2019, O’Reilly & Vincent developed in an entirely unforeseen weekend of creation when Finn began singing some of Rod’s lines. Past releases have had significant airplay on local radio, particularly on the Janice Long show on BBC Wales. The BBC radio host Michaela Wilde said of “Anna and the Apple”, “I can’t even tell you how much I love that. It fills me full of so much joy. It’s so, so good. It’s all about the bass in that. It’s just so funky”

Interested in music from a young age, Finn O’Reilly began studying cello at age five. After that, he took up the piano and guitar and eventually got a music scholarship to his current institution. His solo project, The Finnjamins, has produced songs like “You Mean Nothing to Me.”

Rod Vincent spent his formative years in London, however he found his true literary calling in Irish literature. Rod, who shares Finn’s Irish heritage, was one of the Poetry Ireland Introductions Poets who read at the Dublin International Literary Festival. Among the many literary journals in the United Kingdom and Ireland that have printed his work is the Iron Book of New Humorous Verse.

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