“One For The Broken Hearted” Beautiful Song By Dan Morris


Love songs are an integral part of many people’s lives. They reminisce about their first love, they get in the mood for a date, they make others feel better about their relationships.

There are many love songs that have become famous over the years, not just because of their catchy tunes or deep lyrics but because they deal with universal themes that resonate with so many people all over the world. And “ One for the broken hearted” by Dan Morris is an example of that.

Dan Morris, an upcoming singer-songwriter, is set to release his new track ‘One for the broken hearted’ on February 11th on all major streaming platforms.

Who is Dan Morris?
Dan Morris is a singer-songwriter and he’s currently offering a songwriting degree at Bimm Birmingham.
He got into music through his Nan as she was always singing in choirs and that inspired Dan to dive into music.
Dan is into indie folk/adult contemporary songs as he’s always happy working on new music releases to the public.
He added, his biggest inspirations are catfish and the bottlemen and fleet foxes. Fleet foxes as they are a leading artist in his genre and catfish and the bottlemen too are one of his personal favorite artists.

"One For The Broken" Hearted Beautiful Song By Dan Morris

Dan has a few singles put out so far this current release is the first step on a new plan for the year. He’s been writing songs for about 7years and he wrote his first song for GCSE music.
This new single was written on valentine’s Day as an ode to those who are or feel alone at what can be a hard time of year. He added “I did all of the work on this song, all of the instruments are played by me and I produced it myself”

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Conclusion: There are many songs that talk about love and romance. But the best songs are the ones that make you feel good and make you want to give in to your feelings. As valentine is approaching fast if you don’t have a beloved this song maybe for you.

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