Odehyie Yeyo – Letter to my Father


Odehyie Yeyo – Letter to my Father

His name might not ring a bell, but believe you me he’s a global asset. At his youthful stage, he got very obsessed with music. So in the quest of fathoming to why the hidden secrets behind the world’s most famous and popular language; music, he fell in love with the act. Since then music has been part and parcel of him.

Born Prince Osei, Known Yeyo is a Ghanaian -Tema based artist who started music at an early age. The Voice of the streets as he’s called by the youth has honed and mastered the art of music to the extent that he can rap on any beat at any given time. The interesting part is, immediately he hears instrumentals he’ll rap and it would make sense even when he’s deeply asleep. Follow the wonderful journey of Odehyie Yeyo as he voices out thought-provoking societal problems, love, relationship issues, et al through music.

According to Odehyie Yeyo, the song was inspired by Ghana’s rap king Sarkodie and was a birthday gift. The song basically talks about how Odehyie had to struggle to make ends meet and support home and with all that he was doing his dad did not notice because he was too busy not been around for the family but in the end, he promised to make it to the apex and one day make him proud.


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