Obiba Sly Collins – Love Is The Key (ProdBy. Obiba Sly Collins)

Obiba Sly Collins – Love Is The Key (ProdBy. Obiba Sly Collins)

Obiba Sly Collins returns with another classic Highlife song he titles “Love Is The Key”. He complains bitterly about the dwindling love among the younger generation and the countless divorce cases.

He takes time to pen down another one directed mainly at the younger generation. According to him, “money doesn’t buy true love. And real love is based on truth and not material things. Social Media has engulfed the youths so much that they put so much interest, passion and devotion to social media than their real-time partners and even their fellow humans.”

For a man who has lived in Nigeria and worked there for over 20 years, he did not only compose a love song for the youth, he also reminds both his home country Ghana and Nigeria to appreciate the strong bond and keep together.

He used Yoruba lyrics in the previous love song, real love E’JOO, and on LOVE IS THE KEY, he sings it in the Igbo language to communicate directly to his Nigerian audience. He pays homage to Nigeria for the love shown Ghanaian music in the 1970s through the 1980s till the present day — he urges both countries to strengthen the bond.

“Love Is The Key” that can open doors that have been shut. Take a listen to the song here and drop your comments.

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