NYA Says She Wanted “The Real You” In New Single

NYA Says She Wanted “The Real You” In New Single

We frequently find that the individuals we desire do not have the precise personalities and attitudes that we expect, and it appears that this is the case with NYA.

NYA, a breakout artist who attracted both fans and critics with her unflappable song “Closer Than Close” is prepared to ignite our minds yet again with new music.

The compelling song develops the style the American singer wishes to establish and she understood her assignment on the song.

Separating recollections of a past relationship from someone’s self-performance of who they were after disclosing their true character and it is clear that the individual was not at all who Nya believed they were.

This is demonstrated in a story of how words and feelings frequently do not match in a relationship, despite the fact that she articulates her views sufficiently.

The continuous flow leads the American along the musical route, and her energy and mastery of singing are amazing.

Follow the story as you watch the music video which was shot in black and white, is nostalgic and personal, easily integrating her stroll fun-packed to life.

Listen to the song below and watch the music video as well. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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