NYA Is “Closer Than Close” To You Than You Think

NYA Is “Closer Than Close” To You Than You Think

Being close to the person you love got to be the best feeling ever and NYA gives the perfect description in her new song.

The song titled “Closer Than Close” takes a deep delve and a personal look at youthful love and everything that comes with it.

The song, produced by a Grammy-winning team, takes Nya’s angelic voice to higher places as her lyrics build a narrative of her long-distance romance with her Uruguay-based fiancé and her numerous drives back and forth from their house there to Los Angeles.

“Closer Than Close” captures the idea of finding refuge within someone you care about, enabling concerns and doubts to wipe away with a single touch.

It comes with an anime-like video that features stunning landscapes and shot compositions that demonstrate how love wins over rainy evenings and daffodil plains.

She chose a difficult piece, and you would appreciate how she held the notes, maintaining them with excellent strength, tone, and control.

Nya uses her emotions as the cornerstone of her creative skill, which is filled with jazzy instrumentals and sensuous melodies, inspired by the teachings of former superstars like Frank Sinatra and Fred Astair.

Listen to the song below and enjoy the video as well. Follow her on social media via @thisisnya via Twitter and Instagram.


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