Nothing Lost Out With “Nothing Lost”

Rhythmic, fast paced, enjoyable and simple to sing along, these are the finest traits I can think of when I listen to music from the band Nothing Lost.

Nothing Lost is a San Antonio, Texas-based punk band comprised of Josh G on drums, Ryan on guitar and vocals, and Chad K on bass and vocals. They want to resurrect the catchy, high-energy punk sounds of the 1990s. After only one listen, you’ll be singing along to unforgettable choruses and melodies.

Nothing Lost has returned with their maiden release, a self-titled album titled “Nothing Lost.” The New album “Nothing Lost” is a 12-piece masterwork mixed and mastered by the group’s favourite, Chase Jentz.

The “Nothing Lost” album is a step up for the San Antonio punk band since they intended to bring forth their best work yet with a faster tempo and greater quality, which is evident when listening to the album’s tunes.

Nothing Lost’s self-titled album “Nothing Lost” is your best bet if you want to have a good time and enjoy yourself while listening to music, especially alt rock. You’ll soon find yourself moving to the music thanks to their appealing lyrics and vibrant vibe.

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