Noraa Features Meron And DeathByPeanuts On ‘Somebody Else’

Noraa, a singer and songwriter residing in Berlin, welcomes us into her universe with the release of her new EP titled “Twenty Two.”

Noraa spent her childhood in Cologne, Germany, but after relocating to Paris, she began to take her interest in music more seriously. The German-Chadian musician decided to make Paris her new home in order to expose herself to a broader variety of cultural and musical influences. While there, she wrote the first songs that would later be included in her first extended play (EP) titled “Mixed Feelings” (2019).

An emotive composition consisting of five songs that contemplate relationships and belonging. Noraa’s smooth and soulful voice captivates the listener and places her music in between traditional singer-songwriter, pop, and r&b styles. This allows her to make each musical subgenre her own.

Noraa moved her base of operations to Germany after beginning her professional life in France, and she is currently mostly located in Berlin. This shift in the environment also signals her transition from being an artist signed to a major label to being signed independently.

Noraa returns with a collection of five lush R&B songs which speak to events and highlights of 2022, inviting the listener to feel along with her as she navigates a year of new beginnings.

Feeding introspection, timeless wordplay, and soulful vocal energy into her repertoire, Noraa returns with a collection of five songs which speaks to events and highlights of 2022.

Noraa’s excellent musicianship is brought to life with her second effort, and each song on the album has an upbeat and optimistic undercurrent running through it. She is always investigating new musical and visual elements, and as a result, she has established herself as a leading light of the avant-garde music scene in the area to the left of the centre.

The secret to the enchantment of her music lies in the complex meanings that are included inside each of her songs; hidden behind the catchy, rhythmic production are life lessons that are both uplifting and deeply felt.

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