“NO TAKE BACKS” From Wotts

The indie pop duo from Ottawa, Canada known as Wotts have just released their new track titled “NO TAKE BACKS.” As a follow-up to their successful single “6 Shooter,” which was a collaboration with rock group The Desert Island Big Band, Wotts returns to its indie pop roots, delivering a music that is perfect for the sweltering heat of the summer.

Wotts’ “NO TAKE BACKS” is another example of their foray into “nostalgic pop,” a genre to which they are relatively new compared to their hip hop roots. The band’s vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Jayem, gushes about the timeless quality of acts like Tame Impala, M83, and Brothertiger. A pop song at heart, “NO TAKE BACKS” draws inspiration from psychedelic rock and electronica among others.

"NO TAKE BACKS" From Wotts
“NO TAKE BACKS” From Wotts

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“Indie Pop is our goal, but I think we’re having a lot of fun exploring new sounds and really trying to build an atmosphere with our music”. says bassist/guitarist Ricky 100. Ricky explains that the message of “NO TAKE BACKs,” a Jayem-produced track, is to not let the bad times in. When you’re doing well or progressing in life. The song’s warm analogue synths from the 1980s and thick bassline will appeal to listeners in the mood to relax or get their groove on.

“I’ve got no shame saying that we like making music that can lift people’s moods, even if it’s only for a minute. If someone can vibe to this song and forget about the bad stuff for a bit, that’s a mission accomplished for us” says Jayem.

After the massive success of their last two releases, “LEMONADE” and “6 SHOOTER,” the band is back with “NO TAKE BACKS.” Wotts hope to capitalise on the success they’ve had since making a genre shift in 2021 with plans of bringing out more releases before the year is through.

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