For many years, NLMGNM has been seen and recognized as the record producer. However, recently and to the surprise of many, NLMGNM has picked up the mic and has been releasing freestyles and songs, with his recent release being ‘FYF’, a very thought-provoking song.

On ‘FYF’, NLMGNM talks about friendship, but not like how everyone would say it. He focuses his lyrics on how he thinks friendship in these times is a flawed concept, to the point that he even mentions on the song of his own flaws by saying ”he’s not see-through”.

40 seconds into the song and you hear NLMGNM say ”but yeah f*#% your friends, they’re not see-through, the pack is lacking respect man, it’s not see-through…”.

When briefly interviewed on why he wrote such a song, NLMGNM said, ”Respect is the lifeblood of every relationship. Without respect, friendships cannot thrive. And these days friendships aren’t like how they used to be before.

The main purpose amongst friends I believe is teaming up and building & achieving together”. Listen to NLMGNM’s ‘FYF’ and let us know your comments.


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