Nieri Premieres His Latest Release ‘Face’

Nieri combines catchy melodies, aggressive drumming, analogue synthesisers, and personal lyrics to produce new electronic music that keeps you dancing through the night. He was raised in Europe and was influenced by his life in Los Angeles.

Pop singer and songwriter Nieri (pronounced nee-eh-ree) is from Los Angeles. As of now, he hasn’t released an EP. Nieri’s versatility as a composer and performer will be shown on the EP, which was written and recorded in Stockholm and Los Angeles.

Eventually, he was signed by a record company and flew over to the UK to make his first album. That project was never completed, sadly. Nieri’s songwriting improved as a result of the experience. As a result of this, he was now more determined than ever to realise his creative ambitions.

Nieri Premieres His Latest Release 'Face'
Nieri Premieres His Latest Release ‘Face’

With “Beautiful Music,” his debut hit, Drake celebrated the joys of dancing all night long. Nieri’s latest single, “Face,” has a stuttering synth that serves as a backdrop for introspection.

“Face” has an ’80s-inspired production style that reflects the song’s lyrical content. Nieri’s psyche is mapped out by the sound of industrial drums being beaten.

For whatever reason, he’s caught up in the LA lifestyle’s obsession with cosmetic operations and finds himself “in a coma.” But there’s a vital self-awareness that makes this tune a joyous one. As Nieri elaborates:

Face is an internal dialogue about wanting to look perfect. With countless “flawless” filters on social media, and the increasing convenience of cosmetic procedures, the “best version of yourself” seems to suddenly be at the tip of our fingers…at the end of the day, our faces are still a manifestation of the phases of our lives and will always reflect what’s truly going on inside. The face is a reminder to love yourself just the way you are but also validates the desire to become the best version of yourself on the outside as much as on the inside.

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