Nico Rengifo Out With “Hace Tiempo”

Nicolas Rengifo, better known as Nico Rengifo in the music industry, was born in Colombia on April 22, 1999. He spent the majority of his childhood in the city of Medelln, having relocated there at a young age. He began writing his first songs when he was 9 years old and has been composing ever since.

A few years later, he had soaked up the musical vibes around him and had learned to play the piano and guitar by observing and learning from the greats of his day. As he and his family endured a series of hard circumstances that forced them to travel and live in refugee camps, music became his solace.

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The soothness in Nico’s voice is an indelible part of his identity, instilled by his upbringing and refined over time. The attention on him and his music just won’t go away, thanks to his incredible singing talent and magnetic charisma.

In his latest single, “Hace Tiempo,” Nico Rengifo tells a woman that they haven’t vibed in a long time, that there’s no need to use formal dating labels, and that the relationship likely won’t be flawless, but that it will be worth it so long as they learn to appreciate the present. It’s a lighthearted tribute to a girl who has been on your mind nonstop and who also returns your affection.

Nico Rengifo delivers a phenomenally powerful vocal performance that is truly mind-blowing. His voice is crystal clear, and the raw emotions of “Hace Tiempo” are perfectly portrayed alongside the crisp melodies. Nico Rengifo’s performance has a rawness to it, an intimacy, and the genuine feeling that he is having the time of his life in his career.

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