Nico Newton Is “Keeping It Clean” In New Single

Nico Newton Is “Keeping It Clean” In New Single

Sensational American rapper, Nico Newton is here with his latest single dubbed “Keeping It Clean” where he puts in so much energy to make it a jam.

It is a hard-hitting song with heavy ’80s which talks about being surrounded by the streets but trying your best to keep it clean and keep it straight even when you see most of your friends falling victim to their street activities.

Dominique Dequan Newton, aka Nico Newton, was born on January 22, 1992, on the West Side of Chicago. Developing up within the West Side of Chicago can take the lives of numerous boys and men every day due to the viciousness; which is considered the way of life there on its boulevards.

Ericka Ivy, Nico’s mother, was desperate to keep her children safe by keeping them off the streets and occupying them within the home by infusing music into the family’s bloodstream. Nico began performing songs and dances from the Temptations and Five Heartbeats in his aunt’s living room at the age of six, aided by his grandmother, a brilliant vocalist.

Nico was exposed to a wide variety of music as his family’s passion of music became a way of life. The Fugees, Rakim, Tupac, Jay Z, Nas, and The Notorious B.I.G. had a personal connection with him and impacted him; they are the inspiration for the music he makes today.

Ivy didn’t hesitate when faced with escalating gang violence and gang pressure. Ivy had the option to uproot the family and relocate to St Petersburg, Florida in 2005, when Nico was 13 years old. Nico would reach this point in his career when he would start to use his talent for music to move crowds. Meanwhile, Nico is hard at work so that he can share his talent and originality with the rest of the world.


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