Nicco Homaili Returns With Devastating Break-Up R&B Single ‘666’

His name Nicco Homaili has stood out among his contemporaries since he was a child. He is a native of Singapore, a tiny island nation teeming with talented musicians hoping to make it big in the music industry.

His mother used to play Michael Jackson films on laser discs when he was a kid. Dad used to play bass and play tapes of vintage rock from the seventies and eighties in the back of the van. After that, he was able to follow along with the music’s beat, pace, and groove.

He began creating music on his own in his teens, experimenting and honing his beat-making talents on his own, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Trap music is Nicco’s main inspiration however he is more of a “sound picky” man who gravitates towards either Reese bass or 808 drum machines to establish rhythm and speed in his music. In addition, he likes to leave some room for the vocals, which enables the previous lines of the verses to seep into the listener’s ears and create evocative ambiences. For synth choices, the ambience is usually calm and sombre, which somehow expresses Nicco’s actual creative essence.

Nicco Homaili, a rapper and performer, pushes the limits of hip-hop music with his dark and controversial lyrics. In the new school hip-hop genre, which has been embraced by many in the present period, his Hip-Hop/R&B compositions are constructed atop layers upon layers of synthetic instrumentation and vocal textures.

Nicco Homaili Returns With Devastating Break-Up R&B Single '666
Nicco Homaili Returns With Devastating Break-Up R&B Single ‘666

In most of his compositions, the lyrics are literature presented as self-representations of himself and as reflected reminders for a person living in a fast-paced environment where music is frequently forgotten and dismissed.

To express his creative originality and connect with his audience, he uses Singapore’s socio-economic concerns as a source of inspiration.

Recorded in 2019, the current single is the first of seven tracks to be released. Nicco, as usual, was rambling on about his recent experience with a relationship breakdown. In 2021, he had a major breakup with his ex, which inspired him to write this song titled “666”.

“666” means a lot of things. As a result, Singaporean singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Wong Kar-wai learned the grim knowledge of the number of the beast as his love life descended into oblivion.

Hard-won self-knowledge fights waged, and wars fought again are all reflected in this song, which tells the story of how your mind, body, and soul will be tried until you finally achieve redemption in the end.

Tones and textures of pounds and pulses are simmering in Nicco Homaili’s beatscape, a shadowy landscape that is as vividly expressive as it is darkly cloaked.

Because he has a soft place for plants, he is now employed as a senior landscape designer. In his spare time, he prefers to spend it caring for plants since he finds it calming and meditative.

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