Nia Marie New Single ‘Not Sorry’ Is An Instant Classic

Nia Marie New Single 'Not Sorry' Is An Instant Classic

Nia Marie New Single ‘Not Sorry’ Is An Instant Classic

Nia Marie who was born and raised in Philadelphia began her musical career at the age of six. Music rapidly became a staple in her life, beginning with classical violin lessons and progressing to piano lessons.

Being surrounded by the music of performers such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Carole King, and Jill Scott influenced Nia to convey her own storey via song. Nia began creating and singing when she was 13 years old. She then continued her songwriting career full-time while attending Berklee College of Music, where she subsequently graduated.

Nia, who is now located in New York, is making her imprint on the music world one step at a time. She is putting her own spin on today’s pop/R&B sound, from partnering with indie musicians to working on her own upcoming albums.

Nia Marie is a name to keep an eye on, thanks to her hard-hitting lyrics and beautiful voice. “Not Sorry” is an unapologetic song I created after the end of a bad relationship. It’s about acknowledging the grief that someone has given you and, for the first time, not being sorry for how you reacted by walking away.

Writing this song reminded me of the power I got by sticking up for myself, and I’m hoping it will remind others of theirs as well.

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