Lots of people made their way to the spirit Robot of the 2016 Chale Wote Street Festival.

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The festival lasted for a week that is from August 15 to August 21. This festival is generally held for Ghanaians and non Ghanaians to exhibit or showcase their creative artistic ideas/Talents to the public.


It consists of music, dance and performance, Poetry, films shows,fashion,graffiti, painting, and a whole lot more.

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Chale Wote Which is a Ga language literally means ” Buddy Let’s go” is an annual festival and this years festival was held in James Town streets in Accra.

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The theme “SPIRIT ROBOT ” represents a world within a world where life can be structured on different terms. Robots are sacred current that decodes worldly systems of RACIST, CAPITALISM, ALIENATION AND SUBJECTION.


Speaking of music ,dance and racism a white guy was spotted dancing to an African riddim during the 2016 Chale Wote Street festival.

Watch the video below


Images credit: citifmonline


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