News Update : Capasta Teams Up With Kasimba And Gemini On New Joint “GATANA”


Before we talk about the yet to be released song, read a little about the three acts who worked on “GATANA” below :

Imurana Abdul Karim also known in ShowBiz as Capasta(Ambandi), was born on the 04-05-1990 in pig farm at Accra New Town. Capasta is a Ghanaian recording artist, song writer and a performer. He started his music career at the age 12, releasing a couple of mixtapes and demos.

In addition to his solo work, Capasta has collaborated with several artists and was featured on one of the massive hits in Ghana “Telemo” with Gasmilla, “Koomi Keena” with RockStar , “Mohogany” with Gariba, “Abuya” with Dangaata amongst others.

In an interview it was noted that Capasta has 5 other siblings and he is the eldest. Apart from his music life Capasta is A Football Coach. Oh yeah,he is. He coaches at Lizzy Sports Complex. He has won many trophies for his team and Ghana as well.

Recently in, 2016 Capasta released a single title “Badabaya” with Gasmilla which is really trending and recieving massive airplay. Capasta performs BADABAYA in a Jama style right after Manchester United beat Galatasaray in the same stadium inside Norway.

News Update : Capasta Teams Up With Kasimbi And Gemini On New Joint “GATANA”


KaSimba is a Kenyan reggae/dancehall artist who has been working over the years to release positive inspirational music. He is known for socially aware and conscious lyrics with a growing reputation from his energetic and captivating live shows. KaSimba has been based in Norway for the past decade and as a founding member of Groundation Movement,they were responsible for establishing and spreading Rastafari and Reggae culture in the country for many years.

KaSimba has released singles,”I want to know” for Tunesberg Entertainment/Partillo Productions and “Safari Boots” on a separate independent label. Recently he released a swahili mixtape; “Lion City Chronicles 2013″on his own label; Lion City Entertainment&he is currently working on his international releases. He performs in 4 languages&armed with his unique voice, variety in topic content and creativity you can be sure there is more music to be expected&anticipated from this rising lion.


Victor Mawuli Orleans-Fiaka born 29/05/89, the third of three children to Mr. & Mrs. Chris Orleans-Fiaka, better-known as Gemini Orleans or The Dopest Rapper.

Ghanaian rapper Gemini has the tightest grip on being the dopest emcee in Africa with projects such as Dopest Rapper Mixtape and his just released Dopest Rapper 2 : Return Of A King.

Between 2006 and now, rapper Gemini Orleans has served the plight of every upcoming and underground rapper,from rocking microphones at mini bars and talent shows to as far as opening major concerts and performing on the same stages as some of Africa’s greats.

With the title “the Dopest Rapper” under his belt, the Ghanaian rap Phenom is ready to cross borders and invade continents with his unique and distinctive flowcabulary having total command over the English language as well his native local Ga and pidgin dialects. His lyrical dexterity and versatility are well expressed by the famous catch phrase form Mc Hammer’s Hammer Time!

“GATANA” actually has two definitions which are translated as “Once Upon A Time” and “There She Is”, but in this case “There She Is” is what was meant.

Watch Below The Studio Section As “GATANA” was in the making:



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