Imurana Abdul Karim also known in ShowBiz as Capasta(Ambandi), was born on the 04-05-1990 in pig farm at Accra New Town.

Capasta is a Ghanaian recording artist, song writer and a performer. He started his music career at the age 12, releasing a couple of mixtapes and demos.

In addition to his solo work, Capasta has collaborated with several artists and was featured on one of the massive hits in Ghana “Telemo” with Gasmilla, “Koomi Keena” with RockStar , “Mohogany” with Gariba, “Abuya” with Dangaata amongst others.

In an interview it was noted that Capasta has 5 other siblings and he is the eldest.

Apart from his music life Capasta is A Football Coach. Oh yeah,he is. He coaches at Lizzy Sports Complex. He has won many trophies for his team and Ghana as well.

Recently in, 2016 Capasta released a single title “Badabaya” with Gasmilla which is really trending and recieving massive airplay. Capasta performs BADABAYA in a Jama style right after Manchester United beat Galatasaray in the same stadium inside Norway. Watch the video below

BADABAYA by CAPASTA ft GASMILLA…Official video on YouTube




Source:  Jay Merge

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