New Zealand Singer, Taylor Roche Dishes Out New Single “Sucker For A Lonely Heart”

New Zealand Singer, Taylor Roche Dishes Out New Single "Sucker For A Lonely Heart"

New Zealand Singer, Taylor Roche Dishes Out New Single “Sucker For A Lonely Heart”

Sensational New Zealand singer, Taylor Roche premieres a new single he calls “Sucker For A Lonely Heart” where he draws inspiration from a collection of nostalgic inspiration from the era of 80s and 90s Synth-Pop ballads, fused with his obsession for modern Pop and R&B.

“Sucker For A Lonely Heart” is a song that sharpens in on the feeling of romanticizing someone you are attached to emotionally and while they’re moving on without you it seems like an endless game of chase.

The song produced by Auckland-based Pop and R&B producer Will Henderson saw Taylor Roche saw him delivering choruses blended with a replica of vocals that creates an atmosphere of importance.

It also comes with a visualizer you will enjoy. Listen to Sucker For  A Lonely Heart below and watch the visualizer too.

About Taylor Roche

Taylor Roche is a Pop craftsman based in Auckland, Unused Zealand, who makes his warm stylish sound through a combination of 80s and 90s wistfulness with advanced day Synth-Pop and R&B.

Taylor has been performing from a youthful age on stages over Unused Zealand and Australia and finding his profound enthusiasm for music and songwriting along the way.

At age 18 after 1 year into his music, Taylor cleared out and went through a year instructing himself to songwriting and sharpening in on melodic motivation to discover his sound.

In this same period, Taylor started performing with different performers and specialists over New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands.

In 2019, he was called by an organization based in California with an opportunity to perform for the biggest voyage line organization within the world. He at that point went on to spend a year voyaging around Miami, Modern Orleans, Orlando, Mexico, and the Caribbean fronting a 9-piece Pop band.

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