New York-Based Singer Cade Hoppe Returns With Sophomore EP ‘Everything That’s Wrong With You’

Cade Hoppe was born and raised in Sacramento, California, but relocated to New York to pursue his scholastic and athletic goals.

Cade didn’t begin exploring the potential of creating and releasing his own music until the year 2020, despite having studied piano, guitar, bass, and saxophone since he was a youngster.

After releasing a few experimental records with his stepbrother Nick Adams, he met producer Harper James, one half of the duo Eighty Ninety, and started to build his indie-pop style.

Cade Hoppe, a New York-based indie-pop singer and songwriter, has released his second EP, ‘Everything That’s Wrong with You.’

‘Everything That’s Wrong with You’ is Cade’s second full-length album, after his first EP, ‘Tell Me How It’s Worth It,’ which was released in 2021.

His 2022 hits “Hurts” and “Morphine” as well as three new tracks, all produced by Harper James, are included on the EP. Earlier this month, Cade shared a clip of “Everything That’s Wrong with You,” the album’s title tune, on his TikTok and Instagram Reels accounts.

It’s evident that he’s discovered his voice and his following, with over 4.8 million views and growing. On the same day, we get our first look at the official music video for “Everything That’s Wrong with You”.

Cade Hoppe’s song sounds like it was produced by The National with Chris Martin, Jack Antonoff, and Brandon Flowers lending their support. Even though his music is compared to that of other artists, the baritone voice, sincere lyrics, and catchy pop melodies of the 22-year-old performer set him apart from others in the pop world.

To become an indie-pop stalwart, Cade has a strong work ethic and an unquestionable skill.

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