Nellie Teams Up With Christian Sparacio On New Joint ‘Marguerite’

Folk singer, songwriter, and composer Nellie hails from New York City, in the United States of America.

Even though she is relatively new to the music business, Nellie has already created a name for herself with the few songs that she has published, particularly her most recent release, which she has given the name “Marguerite”

Nellie’s newest song is titled “Marguerite” and it was recorded in collaboration with folk singer Christian Sparacio. Two folks who connected with one another on TikTok came up with the idea for Marguerite. After seeing Nellie on TikTok, Christian reached out to her and said that he was interested in writing a song with her.

The new music is born to us within a few days of touch with each other. This song is uplifting and pleasant, and it would be perfect for anybody who likes contemporary folk music or Americana.

For those who like music with a “summer festival” vibe and harmonies, the single “Marguerite” is perfect since it has a good tone, is lively and joyful, and checks all the necessary boxes.

Nellie Teams Up With Christian Sparacio On New Joint 'Marguerite'
Nellie Teams Up With Christian Sparacio On New Joint ‘Marguerite’

Despite the fact that what they desired most was the atmosphere of the song “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. A simple, upbeat tune perfect for the summer. The Lumineers, Lord Huron, and Bruce Springsteen are Christian’s primary musical inspirations; yet, this did not have a significant effect on the tone of the band’s song since it is still invigorating.

Due to the fact that both members of the duo had been in previous relationships before meeting their present partners, the pair made a concerted effort to compose a song that is about a topic that is personal to both of them.

This allowed them to feel a more genuine connection to the song. Therefore, the progression of the song kind of goes from having these emotions for someone else to really being with that person.

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