Neg J Release Summer Theme Vibe Song Dubbed “Caribbean Girls”

Neg J Release Summer Theme Vibe Song Dubbed "Caribbean Girls"

Neg J Release Summer Theme Vibe Song Dubbed “Caribbean Girls”

Originally from the island of Martinique, Neg J proudly displays his roots through this name evocative of deep ancestral history. From his childhood cradled by the music, he retains the popular traditional Creole rhymes and songs played on many family and festive occasions.

Impregnated with this highly mixed Caribbean basin, it is only natural that will live between Paris, Martinique and finally London, where he will settle a few years. Obviously, it was during his residence in this cosmopolitan city, with influences from all continents, that he will reveal his voice. Encouraged by his entourage and the enthusiasm generated by his growing community, he will reveal his first single “Dimanche” in 2020. Seasoned music lover, Neg J draws his identity sensual and melodious musical rhythmic of its island and the various sounds from the African diaspora.

Whether they are African-American, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latino, women all evoke the passion and intoxication for life. His references are syncretic, we find there both Spanish-speaking artists and Creole speakers like Juan Luis Guerra, Victor O, as urban artists such as Mallaury, Ichon, Kalash or Tayc, to name only the French speakers. Today he describes his art as the tasty mixture of his heritage and his being. It is with a passion that the Caribbean woman is in the spotlight on this new artist title Martinican Neg J. Get ready to dance! Used to revealing his languid walks and introspective on worked harmonies meticulously, he surprises us with this tune of dancehall-pop of a new genre, witness to its multidisciplinary.

On this track, Neg J emphasizes the distinction, elegance and resilience of the women of its island and neighbouring islands. With her assertive character and full of panache, the woman in the Caribbean is globally renowned for its grace, so blinding that men can only contemplate it, as we adulate a deity. It is this special woman whose Looking for Neg J, a confident woman, at the height of her own character and ambitions.

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