Nashville Singer Amy Stroup Unlocks Latest Single ‘Something Good’

Amy Stroup, an independent singer-songwriter based in Nashville, writes the sort of songs that have a deep emotional honesty and lyrics that are very vivid. These songs have the ability to transport listeners.

Her music can be heard in dozens of popular television shows, such as This Is Us, Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Doctor, and The Walking Dead, as well as in major national advertisements for brands such as Calvin Klein and Lexus. If you have recently watched a show on a major network or streaming service, there is a good chance that you have heard her songs.

In addition to her corpus of work as a solo artist, which has garnered accolades from critics, Stroup is also a frequent collaborator. She and Andrew Simple have recorded as the band Danger Twins.

Michael Logen, a singer and composer who has been nominated for a Grammy, contributed to the song “Something Good.” The song is a showcase for Amy’s heartfelt, straightforward, and straightforwardly honest composition, and Michael’s folk-influenced, genuine fingerpicking guitar approach.

This week, on episode 111 of the programme Virgin River, which is available on Netflix, you will be able to hear the music featured. They have produced an animated lyric video and will be advertising it on social media platforms. Naturally, they will direct fans to their individual streaming services while doing so.

Both artists are on the road this autumn, with Stroup supporting Ingrid Michaelson throughout the UK and Europe and Logen performing around the Southeast of the United States.

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