Nashville -Based Singer Matt Burke Releases A Holiday Single “Whiskey Christmas”

Nashville -Based Singer Matt Burke Releases A Holiday Single “Whiskey Christmas”

Burke has released a continuous stream of outstanding new songs since moving to Nashville in 2019, drawing comparisons to Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, and Zac Brown. Burke’s most recent album, “Coffee, Whiskey & Weed,” was released barely three weeks ago and is already garnering popularity on streaming services.

Matt Burke
Matt Burke

“Whiskey Christmas” depicts the narrative of a guy striving to get through the holiday problems — the mud and freezing weather of winter, the never-ending throngs of holiday shoppers, airline delays and costly airport beverages. The song seems like an immediate holiday classic, staggering around in a drunken waltz of sleigh bells and sorrowful pedal steel swells, evoking memories of iconic country songs from the 1990s and earlier. Burke creates a festive atmosphere in Whiskey Christmas in which the only warm Christmas is one that involves a long, hefty pour.

Burke, who has been writing songs since the age of 11, credits a wide range of musical inspirations, including Chris Stapleton, Tom Petty, Waylon Jennings, Roy Orbison, and Townes Van Zandt. Burke, a versatile artist, draws inspiration from a different aspect of the Americana genre with each single he releases – from 1970’s honky-tonk line-dance anthems to heart-breaking bar stool laments – Burke showcases his chops as a storyteller and performer while continuing to carve his unique niche in the Nashville Music scene.

Most Christmas songs paint a picture of the perfect family enjoying each other’s company in the perfect home with the perfect snow-globe weather outside, and that’s just not an experience I’ve ever been familiar with. Christmas tends to be incredibly dysfunctional, so I felt like I wanted to write a holiday song from that angle.” – Burke

“Whiskey Christmas” really captures the spirit of the season. While the artist claims to be attempting to clean up his act, the strains of the festive season rapidly force him into a bottle of the brown stuff. And just as we begin to think of the artist as nothing more than a Grinch, we learn that his heart was shattered just before the holidays and that it is this sadness that is causing his Christmas season to be so unhappy.

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