My Parents Wanted to Kill Me – Don Little


My Parents Wanted to Kill Me – Don Little

One of Ghana’s diminutive actors Don Little has revealed that his parents wanted him dead  basically because of his height.

Sounds absurd right? Well, that’s the story of the young and budding actor but hey look at him now.

Speaking to Delay on her popular show The Delay Show, Don Little made these sudden confessions and more.

According to him when he was conceived, his parents didn’t see his worth especially because of his height or stature.

My Parents Wanted to Kill Me – Don Little
Don Little

Narrating the whole situation he said, “When my parents gave birth to me, they realized I was not growing tall or anything. They didn’t see my worth and value so they wanted to kill me”

When probed by Delay how his parents had wanted to get rid of him he said, “They wanted to poison my food or something. I was about 5 years at that time. Both my parents planned it but my mum was scared.

My dad wasn’t because he was used to seeing blood because he kills a lot of goats and cows so human beings are nothing to him”

Well, after all these awful experiences his father decided to come back to him after he became a star. Human nature right here!!

Addressing this issue Don Little narrated that, his dad came pleading with him at where he used to sell at Kasoa. He added that his father should “gerrout”!! In his own words “fa sor ho”

When he was asked by Delay if he has still not forgiven his father he noted that, “Sometimes when people do certain things it hurts you. Immediately you see their faces again then you remember them.

I have forgiven him though but I won’t allow him into my life again.”



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