My New Album “Aisha’s sun” Is One Of It’s Kind – Time with @Ayatmaq

My New Album “Aisha’s sun” Is One Of It’s Kind – Time with @Ayatmaq

My New Album "Aisha's sun" Is One Of It's Kind - Time with Ayat

My New Album “Aisha’s sun” Is One Of It’s Kind – Time with Ayat

In a recent interview between correspondent Mister Styx and Ayat Salis Maqwam, they went deep into the life of Kirani Ayat as he prefers to be called. He talked about life, growing up as a young guy what he wanted to do. He also talked about his personal relationships and sprinkled his opinion on some topics.

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Mister Styx: OK, to begin with, would you mind telling us your real name?

Kirani Ayat: Ayat Salis Maqwam
Mister Styx: Ok so the Ayat is your birth name, then tell us how you came by the name Kirani Ayat.

Kirani Ayat: Yes it is. Kirani in Hausa means “call me” so kirani AYAT. Call me AYAT.

Mister Styx: Oh so it’s that simple. That’s a nice name, Tell us a bit about growing up with music!

Kirani Ayat:

Yeah thank you, As a kid I wanted to play football that was my dream, but I was also an avid music listener. But after junior high school I realized I wasn’t that good at football so I kinda stopped playing, then I started getting heavy into my music but it was after high school sometime 08-09 then I started rapping and making music it was a hobby at first and now a career.

I do Afro Spiritual Music - Ayat

I do Afro Spiritual Music – Ayat

Mister Styx: 😂😂😂How did your parents take the music thing? Did they accept it? You know out here every parent wants their ward to work in the office, so something contrary to that spikes fire !!

Kirani Ayat: Yea my parents were ok with it. They generally very supportive and are ok with my doing so long as it’s not destructive.

Mister Styx: Great… What motivates you to do music?

Kirani Ayat: The passion for it, the love of it, being on stage, and performing,

Mister Styx: Who would you say affects the type of music you do? It’s obvious your type of music is quite different from what is on the market.

Kirani Ayat: Salif Keita, Daddy Lumba, Jaydee, Kid CuDi, Travis Scott, Allan kingdom their style and music influences because they have their own sound, they are original and unique. I study them and came up with my own style and sound. It’s Afro Spiritual Music it’s very raw and organic yet very mainstream.

Mister Styx: Wow! Those are legends! I remember watching you perform on stage one time, you had paintings on your body, was it symbolic or for the fun of it?

Kirani Ayat: One of my idols is fela kuti and he was the first person I saw with body art on while performing, so I imitated him, also I also use my body painting as a form of activism when I’m performing. Every art on me has a meaning/message.

Ayat during a performance with body paintings

Ayat during a performance with body paintings

Mister Styx: Interesting! Do you do Music full time?

Kirani Ayat: Yea pretty much

Mister Styx: How do you see the Ghanaian music industry?

Kirani Ayat: Shatta wale just got signed for a million $ so I’ll say it’s profitable but it’s still in it’s early stages and there’s so much work to do.

Mister Styx: With the current state of affairs in the industry how long do you think it would take the industry to reach your satisfaction?

Kirani Ayat:

Umm I can’t tell, there a lot of work, by artists, the consumers, the government, Music institutions, etc. I can’t tell

Mister Styx: in simple terms you mean to say it would take a very long time. Has it crossed you to quit music? I don’t think it was a smooth road.

Kirani Ayat: It hasn’t been. There are always challenges but the love keeps me going. I’ve been down a lot but I’ve not thought of quitting before.

Ghanaians ain't listening to me well - Kirani Ayat

Ghanaians ain’t listening to me well – Kirani Ayat

Mister Styx: What would you say is your biggest achievement in the music industry?

Kirani Ayat: Umm I don’t know, but I have like milestones and I can say I’ve achieved some which are working with all my seniors and the people I admire in GH Music. I think MADFest is an achievement too but yeah there are much more I’m yet to achieve.

Mister Styx: Which of your songs would you say is your favourite (either single or featured)?

Kirani Ayat: Play For Keeps, Take Off, Iron Boy, Barisujey, Teeshi, Munzo, Dr Panie, IDKY, Kudi, LoL a lot chale

I love my babes

I love my babes

Mister Styx: Lol… Looks like you love them all! No favourite..

Kirani Ayat: Yea it’s my creations and I love all my babies.

Mister Styx: We’ve gotten to the fun aspect, we always have this game we play and would like to play with you.
It’s very simple and easy. You would be given 10 boxes to choose 3 out off. Each box choose has a question. The rule is simple, just answer with sincerity.
1. 🎁 2. 🎁 3. 🎁 4. 🎁 5. 🎁 6. 🎁 7. 🎁 8. 🎁 9. 🎁 10.🎁

Kirani Ayat: 1,2,3

Mister Styx: Interesting. This would be fun
Mister Styx: 1 – If you had to change something what would it be?

2 – What legacy would you like to be known for?

3 – Mention an artist you think you are better than, but receiving more attention than you.

Kirani Ayat: 1 – World Peace
2 – an act who inspired positive change
3 – Akan, Daney king Eli, Kay T, Gaeta, and everyone in TSD. I’m better they trash.

Mister Styx: Am dumbstruck! I know you teamed up with Quabena Shy some time ago (Aswholes), but his name is part of the list

Quabena Akan

Quabena Akan

Kirani Ayat: Lol we still are

Mister Styx: This is interesting. So tell us, do you have any fears?

Kirani Ayat: Yea electrical shock, snakes, rabies, nuclear war,

Mister Styx: I was expecting death

Kirani Ayat: I’m not afraid of death, it’s inevitable. I’m I ready for death? I’m just not ready for it.

Mister Styx: I don’t think you are the only person who is not ready, the truth is we are all not ready.

Kirani Ayat: I guess

Mister Styx: Any upcoming projects?

Kirani Ayat: Yea. my debut album

Mister Styx: Tell us more about your album.

Kirani Ayat: It’s my debut and it’ll change the sound of African music or I hope it does. You’ll be surprised that’s all I got to say about it.

Mister Styx: What is the Album name?
What is the reason behind that particular name?
How many songs are on the album?
When would it be released?

Kirani Ayat: Aisha’s sun. That’s all you’ll get for now.

Mister Styx: Aisha’s sun, this is quite fascinating, can you at least tell us why you chose this particular name?

Kirani Ayat: No sorry, you’ll know soon
Mister Styx: Lol! Ok. Anything to say to other upcoming acts?

Kirani Ayat: Pursue your dreams, network, use the Internet, stay true, be original, be humble, be patient, stay hungry, protect your energy.

Mister Styx: I like that !!

Ayat Salis Maqwam

Ayat Salis Maqwam

Any last words before we wrap up??
Kirani Ayat: Listen to me. Don’t you change on me.


Mister Styx: That’s kinda deep.

Thank you Mr Ayat Salis Maqwam for your time, it was very nice talking to you, I really loved it. Thank you once again Kirani Ayat.

Kirani Ayat: Boom 💥

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