My Mum’s Ringtone Is “Woara” – Kwesi Arthur

My Mum’s Ringtone Is “Woara” – Kwesi Arthur

My Mum’s Ringtone Is “Woara” – Kwesi Arthur

My Mum’s Ringtone Is “Woara” – Kwesi Arthur

Ground Up rapper, Kwesi Arthur, has in his latest interview disclosed that her mum’s ringtone currently is his mega hit song “Woara”.

Speaking to Delay on her popular show Delay Show, Kwesi Arthur revealed that, in the early beginnings of his music career his mum wasn’t really supportive.

With regards to Kwesi’s background, I mean, religious or let me say their denomination, secular music is not embraced especially when it involves the kids.

My Mum’s Ringtone Is “Woara” – Kwesi Arthur

Kwesi Arthur

When asked by Delay how her mum endorsed his desire to do secular music since parents from Pentecost were strict he said, “She wasn’t really okay with it. At times I play the song to her and if she hears something she doesn’t like she tells me to change it.”

He however indicated that in as much she was not really supportive during the initial stages, she has always been there.

He added that, “My mum also encouraged me to do gospel songs too. So when Woara came, she has been calm ever since and that is her ringtone too”

Now let’s do a little throwback to when reports came up that Kwesi Arthur said he was done with school and that he was also cool with his SHS certificate?

Yes he has also reacted to such issues and according to him, it was misinterpreted. However, he is educating himself.

Addressing such comments he said, “I don’t think I will be able to go to a class with a lecturer in front of me teaching and stuff but I am open to learning new things everyday. I feel like the kids out there need to educate themselves. If I wasn’t educated, I wouldn’t have been able to read and write. Hence I encourage the kids to go to school.”

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