Mr_Rish Gets Emotional On His New Single ‘Left Behind’

Mr_Rish is a South African rapper and composer who is fluent in both English and Afrikaans. As a rapper, he takes great satisfaction in his distinct and sophisticated flow, which he has cultivated over the years by listening to a variety of artists, like Eminem, Yelawolf, MGK, Jack Parow and PHFAT, to name a few. He aims at writing songs that a broad range of people can identify to, based on circumstances that he has personally encountered in the past. He has released an album and an EP so far

Simply put, mr_rish refers to himself as the “Real Ish” since he places a strong emphasis on authenticity in his rhymes. He enjoys rapping on current events that are relevant to the majority of the population and presenting his actual identity to the audience, regardless of what others or detractors think. As far as crafting music for the local and international scene is concerned, you may think of his sound as a mix of Jack Parow, PHFAT, Yelawolf, and Eminem, as they are the artists that have influenced him the most. Usually, when it comes to creating lyrics, he prefers to tackle more serious subjects, but every now and then, he will surprise you with a tune that you can dance to at a party or in your vehicle, but not in front of your mother

The artist mr_rish has released one demo, one album, one EP, and countless songs during the course of his career. He is currently working on a few projects in order to increase his fanbase and establish his brand. He aspires to collaborate with the local talent in his immediate vicinity and considers this a top priority as he builds on his foundation to become one of the most successful rappers in the country.

So it got to a stage where most of my closest mates were finding their soulmates and starting to settle down and commit. I, on the other hand, haven’t even had a long term relationship before, and watching them all move on with their respective lives made me feel a bit left behind, so I wrote a song about all of my feelings and the emotional turmoil I’ve been going through recently. It took numerous ghostings, breakdowns, rejections and being stood up before I finally found it in me to complete this song.

To be honest, I was quite scared to show this song to all of you because of how vulnerable and weak I feel. I had quite a lot to get off of my chest, and this song right here is downright one of my favourites, purely because of how much I relate to it. It’s not always easy getting your feelings and thoughts onto a piece of paper, but I managed to get most of it down, and I’m proud of myself for that I guess.

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