Mr. Vegas films an horrific shooting incident at his complex yesterday morning.

The video which was posted online has since gone viral and sparked across Jamaica as citizens appeal for an end to gun violence. The clip below shows a portion of the where two men got into a fight, and one of them pulled his licensed firearm and shot the other. Mr. Vegas could be heard in the background telling two of the men involved in the fight to cool it down.

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There were also a number of armed security guards on the scene, and clearly, they could’ve done more to stop the situation before someone got shot. It’s unclear if the man that got shot died, however, you can see him walking around holding his neck just moments after he got shot.

We also don’t know what started the fight, perhaps Mr. Vegas will shed some light on the situation via his usual social media channel later. Mr. Vegas confirmed that the shooting victim died. The dancehall deejay was distraught about the shooting saying it could’ve been prevented.


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