Mr. Logic Spells Out The Truth About Wutah’s Breakup


Ghanaian music duo Wutah who has been thrilling the world with their music has finally been brought to the ground as they both go their separate ways. The duo were recently united by top entertainment personalities but that didn’t seem to prove futile as they part ways again.

Wutah Kobby made a video a couple of days back to affirm that the group was no more and they never coming back as a group again. Entertainment personality known as Mr. Logic also affirmed to this. Adding up, he said he saw no essence of the group and they both going solo is the best. His reason been that, when they were together as a group Wutah Afriyie always thought he was the pillar of the group and has always been arrogant. He added they during shows Wutah Afriyie has to be chased and begged to perform which in return hindered Wutah Kobby and unable to expose his talent as it had to be.

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