Mr Jace – Borga (Prodby Apya)

Mr Jace – Borga (Prodby Apya)

Mr Jace - Borga (Prodby Apya)

Mr Jace – Borga (Prodby Apya)

From Axim to Wa appears this truth proves it, too: Goodness becomes grandeur, surpassing might of kings .

Halos of kindness brighter shine than crowns of gold & brighter than diamonds sparkles & it is the simple breath of wealth. I am a king who kinged with Kinging, yesterday, but then today I’ve turned a Borga with my transparent wealth, overnight, whiles I’m still Kinging.

Nana Yaw Baffour Yentumi Jace, C.E.O of Gentle Musik is out with a new banger he outdoored as BORGA. The mere fact of my touching down, as an emissary of the Kingdom of Wealth, scares poverty & takes the poor to cloud nine. The value of my wealth is a jamais vu in the mind of the rumour monger. My coming calls for everyone to jiggy/cut the rug to the splendid coming of Borga. I am a Borga, aside being a King, who feeds & satisfies every man jack with the flavour of my dope tunes & I am Nana Baffuor, a Jacian. Call me a Jack-of-all-trades, whose tune touches down as a #Borga.

Enjoy this one!

Martin Donaldson Daisy is the Owner of Music Arena Gh.  As a graphic designer, blogger and social media expertise, he is the confident and creative designer who is self-motivated, self-sufficient and comes to you with a strong background in both print and digital media. He currently lives and study's Digital Media in Nottingham College, United Kingdom.

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