Mr Baiden – Be Different ( Official Video) Dir by Mac Payne


Mr Baiden – Be Different ( Official Video) Dir by Mac Payne

We are in an era where society has set/laid down specific rules, which looks likes the gateway to success. Most people have accepted this way of living but actually this is just an illusion. (but not according to Mr Baiden)

One is entitled to live a life of his dreams, to dream as big as he wants, but unfortunately when your dream is different from others they tend to belittle you, they tend to make you feel your dream is impossible to achieve.

Most people have given up on their goals and aspirations in life because they gave up, because they were told they can’t do what they’ve always dreamt of. This has killed more talents than you can ever imagine.

Regardless of the odds a few people choose to be different,  and have actually succeeded in their endeavors.

After releasing the audio of “Be different ” Mr Baiden is here again with a breathtaking visuals for the audio. The video which was directed by Mac Payne is an inspiration to everybody out there, who has a dream and wants to achieve it regardless of the odds

Watch the video below

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