Mr Baiden – Be Different (Official Lyrics) Prodby. Jayfyn


Mr Baiden – Be Different (Official Lyrics) Prodby. Jayfyn

At that moment in the couch
I felt nothing like I did
I felt my brain shift a little
I felt chills down my spine
I felt my eyes were heavy but i had run out of tears because I spent the whole night wallowing in desperation
Wondering what I did wrong
Wondering what I could do to make this feeling go away.
I heard my white blood cells say to my red blood cells
“we are doomed we are never coming out of this one”
I felt a big grumble on my stomach when my role model said to me
“You can’t make it, You can’t possibly  make it
To what extent do you think this is possible?”
My heart was broken
My dreams were shattered beyond  repair
You see, she was my role model
I expected her to hold my hands and walk me through this
I expected her to whisper in my ear and say son you can do this
I expected her to pat me on the back and so go Baiden  be different
But No,
She sounded like my friend storm
The guy who sits next to me in class
He would say
“Yo, my guy this thing you dey do no dey pap,
Your voice sounds like crap”
She sounded like my best friend Skido
He would say
“Yo, my guy this thing you dey do no go take you anywhere, shun then go follow the girl next door that be better dream…”
She kept on shouting at me.
Why can’t you be normal?
What can’t you just causes Normal dream?
Why can’t you log on to facebook like the others do?
Why can’t you be a lawyer?
What can’t you be a doctor?
Why can’t you be a pilot?
And then I asked her.
why do you have to be a monster
Why do you have to push me to the corner
Be my conductor
Why can’t you make me flow through you and shine above the others?
You see I can’t be like my brothers
I can bury my head in a book for hours just to ace a test
But give me an R and Id give you rhythms
Give me an M and id give you melodies
Give me an S and I’d give you songs to feed your soul.
You see I want to be different I don’t want to run away from my problems I want to face them with rhythms melodies and songs.
I don’t know what I did wrong
But I want to dry my tears and face my fears
So push me
Yes I would fall but I would still crawl to my dreams
You see I am scared of the crowd but the stage is my home
So no matter how much I roam
I’d still come back home
because I dare to be different
So one day out of the blue
when my name hits the news
To me, it won’t be new
I’d say I knew
Because I never stopped dropping clues.
So now it’s your turn
no, you
No, you
Yes you
Dare to be different
Dare to be different.

Mr. Baiden – Be Different (Mixedby. Jayfyn)

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