Moon Kissed Share Clubbing In Your Bedroom Remix EP

Moon Kissed Share Clubbing In Your Bedroom Remix EP

Moon Kissed Share Clubbing In Your Bedroom Remix EP

The NYC-based synth-pop trio, Moon Kissed and NYC are officially back in action. With a sold-out show last Friday (June 18th) in Brooklyn, and a last-minute epic show the Friday before that, the high-energy they’re known for is in full force. To celebrate, the band is sharing a remix EP of their quarantine banger, “Clubbing In Your Bedroom,” out now. The original song was written and produced by Khaya Cohen and Emily Sgouros after a late night of clubbing in Emily’s bedroom. It was mixed and mastered by Justin Van Der Volgen and the music video was edited by Leah Scarpati.

Moon Kissed Share Clubbing In Your Bedroom Remix EP

Moon Kissed Share Clubbing In Your Bedroom Remix EP ( Photo credit: Sara Laufer )


Moon Kissed is not a “girl band.” They are a force that, when creatively combined, creates a vortex of safety that can be physically and emotionally experienced through the joy of pure freedom, where it’s ok to be weird — in fact, it’s encouraged. Expression within the container of Moon Kissed culture looks like bravery, joy, body love, happy tears (and all kinds of tears/release) and full-body chills. This EP is an extension of that energy and has three very different takes on the song, brought by three remix artists. Khaya Cohen says:

“One of the best things about being a part of Moon Kissed is how deeply our community is involved – whether it’s hearing stories about experiences with our songs or the fact that the audience is just as essential to the live show as the three of us are, we wouldn’t be Moon Kissed without everyone who is a part of our little family. For this reason, we are excited to be releasing this remix EP, providing fresh perspectives on a song that means a lot to us and getting to experience it in new ways through different artists’ lenses. Even though “Clubbing In Your Bedroom” is a song mainly about isolation, through remixes we get to hear the ways that this common experience of being alone is both uniting and unique.”

Remixer Bryn Bliska says, “I had such a great time remixing Clubbing In Your Bedroom, which is my favourite Moon Kissed release to date. Their energy as a band is absolutely infectious, and it was cathartic to blast Khaya’s incredible vocals and rock out in my home studio as I worked to craft a track with that same energy. The song really encapsulates this past year so accurately and intimately, and it was a joy to get to put my own stamp on it.”

Moon Kissed Share Clubbing In Your Bedroom Remix EP

Moon Kissed Share Clubbing In Your Bedroom Remix EP  (Photo credit: Annie Millman)


On their remix, Talk Bazaar says, “dancing with my head down and my body a blur in a room of sweaty people bouncing off and around me is high on the list of things Ive missed this past year. This remix – and also obviously this song originally!!! – channels how badly I want to be there, bopping along with no sense of the world around me but also an acute awareness of that sense of community and belonging only dancing can provide.”

SQORE had an alternative take, and on their version says, “I chose to create a sombre first half repeating the lyric, “You don’t want to be here,” which leads into a spacey, time warp build, repeating the response, “so turn it up.” I wanted to emphasize the feeling of floating through the days with no sense of time and no real escape, which so many people have felt throughout the pandemic. The escape of the remix comes after the build where we land safely into the most grounding and driving beat of all, the four on the floor, allowing everyone to completely lose themselves in the sounds and rhythms.”

With “Clubbing In Your Bedroom” and the remix EP, Moon Kissed acts as a permission slip to feel free in your body and soul even within the confines of the world today. At their core, this band is a magnet for self-expression without hesitation. That’s how they formed, after all. When Emily, Khaya, and Leah met at a Lower East Side New Years party in 2019, they knew they had to start a band. It was instant. The energy between them had that rare storybook (once-in-a-generation) vibrancy that warrants comparisons to trail-blazing acts like The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Killers, etc. On stage, the band transcends stale expectations associated with “live music” and brings, to every audience, something completely new and saturated with a pulsating otherness.

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