Mollie Rainwater Returns With A Brand New Album ‘For The Broken Hearted Traveler’

As Mollie Rainwater, Mollie Rainwater McFarland is an American singer-songwriter, composer, and producer.

Her distinctive voice has made her a household name around the globe. She is recognized as one of the best-known names in the music industry.

As a child, she’s always had a love of making music for herself and others. It creates a magical atmosphere in which everyone can feel the same way.

Mollie Rainwater Returns With A Brand New Album 'For The Broken Hearted Traveler'
Mollie Rainwater Returns With A Brand New Album ‘For The Broken Hearted Traveler’

She devotes a great deal of attention to the songwriting process because she believes it is the most important part of the creative process. Singer-songwriter, indie folk, and acoustic are some of the labels she would use to describe her music genre.

I would tell any upcoming songwriter to really focus on the meaning behind every single lyric. Don’t write something because it is convenient. Write something because it is meaningful.

Footprints‘ was her first album. In order to complete this album, she recorded all of the vocals and guitar tracks in one take. In 2020, this album was released. Her love of making something from nothing is a major source of inspiration for her. She enjoys the challenge of beautifully expressing a particular emotion through her work.

For their songwriting, Gregory Alan Isakov, Passenger, and Canyon City have always been heroes to her. She’s always on the lookout for people who share her core values.

This line of work entails a great deal of difficulty. It’s inevitable that you’ll encounter people who question your abilities and achievements. In the end, she must cling tenaciously to her ideals and the things she cherishes most. This is a great time for her and other up-and-coming artists because of all the challenges they’ve faced in the music industry.

‘For The Broken Hearted Traveler’ was her most recent project. Since then, she’s been working on her next album, which she’s already started writing for. The album’s lead instrument is an acoustic guitar, and the lyrics are meaningful. In addition to piano and strings, there are a few songs that include both! As a result, her music is more laid back, acoustic, and folky.

Music, drawing, painting, teaching, photography and so much more are just some of her many interests. She also teaches piano and art to younger children as a way of encouraging and supporting them as they navigate the ever-evolving world of music.

One message I would give to my fans is, don’t ever let your own doubt stop you from pushing forward. There will always be people who doubt you, you can’t be one of them. Keep creating.


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