MJ Duke Rescues People From “The Edge” With His Release

About MJ Duke

London-born musician MJ Duke returns to the stage after a one-year absence to perform some new material in his soulful and brassy tones. MJ Duke is an emerging star with distinct storytelling capabilities who expresses his feelings openly and has a lot to say. He was influenced by classic sounds like Soul and Blues as a child, and now he gives a fresh, contemporary spin to the sound. “On Time” was his debut song, and it had fans gripped to the edge of their seats all around the world. “I Lost My Way,” his follow-up, was soulful and aggressive.


About the release “The Edge”

“The Edge” is his newest single. A song with deep roots that explores the issue of self-belief and overcoming negative thoughts about oneself by transforming negatives into positives. This thoughtful roller coaster of the challenges we face as we grow from childhood to adulthood is led by his warm and present vocal, with bright guitars and feel-good music complementing his voice. Despite the lyrics’ depiction of a diseased mind, there are glimmerings of hope for a recovery. accompanying summary tunes to convey the sense of hopefulness and positivity evoked by these lyrics

New single “The Edge” is a teaser for his upcoming EP, which will be released on July 18th and will serve as a precursor to his first album.

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