Micheal 360 – Portable Ting ft. Selimax & Kbillionz (Official Video)

Micheal 360 – Portable Ting ft. Selimax & Kbillionz (Official Video)

Introducing Micheal 360 the artist, comedian and all round entertainer who has just dropped his musical comedy skit video titled ‘Portable Ting’.

The accompanying track features well known afrobeats artist Selimax and is produced by the very talented KBillionz, who also features on the audio and in the video.Many people in the music industry can take everything overly serious and we forget that we enter this game because we originally loved to create sounds, love the energy we generate when in the studio working and then the vibe it brings when people experience these creations first hand either in a club, on headphones or just chilling at home.

Many famous quotes state that Music is life, it brings joy and gives wings to the soul, Micheal 360 has not forgotten this motto and brings the energy along with the fun into his work.

When asked whats the plan for the future, he replied ‘This is just the beginning of my journey, so anticipate more tracks to come with some creative comedy skit videos.’Portable Ting was created along side Micheal 360’s producer aficionado KBillionz who is no stranger to the music game and will no doubt be behind much of 360’s future projects.

This one is the first from Micheal 360 and he tells us he has been actively wrapped up in the creative process and has more to follow on from Portable Ting. Portable Ting is a great beginning, this one is the match to start the 360 fire burning bright into the future and we cant wait to see what else he creates.

Take note and look forward to more vibes, fun and laughter from being exposed to his work.

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