Michael Rice Shares New Single ‘Did You Even Love Me’

Michael Rice Shares New Single ‘Did You Even Love Me’

Michael Rice is a British singer-songwriter who has released two studio albums. With the song “Bigger than Us,” he represented the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he finished in 26th place overall. In the year before, he had won the inaugural season of BBC One’s singing competition All Together Now, and he had also featured in the eleventh series of The X Factor in the year before that.

Rice was on the eleventh season of The X Factor in the United Kingdom in 2014. He auditioned for the programme by singing Whitney Houston’s “I Look to You” on the piano. Following the Bootcamp stage, he was deemed ineligible. After competing in the inaugural season of BBC One’s singing competition All Together Now, he was named the program’s winner the following year.

With his song ‘Bigger Than Us,’ he was declared the champion of BBC Two’s Eurovision: You Decide competition in 2019. This earned him the chance to represent the United Kingdom in Tel Aviv. The highly awaited fresh new song from Michael Rice, titled “Did You Even Love Me,” is officially here! The pop ballad portrays the story of a romance that has broken down and is about to come apart. ‘Was I just another like everyone else, all I ever wanted was for you to love me,’ Michael says in one of the song’s verses.

If you’ve ever experienced true heartbreak, the lyrics will hit home for you. The song takes you on a journey as Michael opens up and invites you in a lyric by lyric, with a pop cinematic production that twists and turns around Michael’s big soulful vocals, which are accompanied by a pop cinematic production.

Michael uploaded a brief video on TikTok showing himself playing the album for the first time to his cousin, which was received well. He had no idea that the video would become a smash with music fans all around the world and get over 500,000 views in the first 24 hours, with approximately 750,000 views to date! The popular BBC television programme ‘All Together Now, in which Michael was the first-ever series winner in 2018, maybe familiar to some viewers. Michael went on to be picked as the United Kingdom’s representative at Eurovision in 2019 when he sang in front of 250 million people throughout Europe.

Michael is back with a completely new sound and is poised to take over the music business – he’s certainly someone to keep an eye on! Fact: Michael recorded the vocals in his bedroom, beneath the blanket, for the sake of completeness.

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