Mich Line Releases Truffaut Off ‘Froggy Pop’ His Album

Mich Line Releases Truffaut Off ‘Froggy Pop’ His Album

Mich-Line is polished, no-frills French pop with a dash of electro. Love, inner struggle, holidays, some obstacle courses, the light life, the com’s delicious food… the mood is optimistic, seductive, amorous, nostalgic, captivating, Positive, sensual, in love, nostalgic, and magnetic. Vocals, keyboards, bass, and a touch of electro in a Frenchy blend built on Belgian, Savoyard, and German origins.

You don’t know who we are, but think of HenriDue, Philippe Katerine, La Femme, Stone, and Charden, mix it up, and you approach. We’ve been living and working together for nearly two decades. We wanted to explain this new project around what makes us vibrate after multiple CDs, small tours, a performance integrating music and pictures, several soundtracks for light festivals throughout the world, and the supervision of amateur singing groups around French songs with varied audiences.

They have a “Froggy Pop” record that will be published when the perfect moment comes in the coming year. For the time being, they have released the first title, “in Sète,” at the beginning of the summer, followed by “Truffaut” lately. In the interim, they performed various gigs and broadcasted Live Radio.

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