Melodic Masterpiece “We Did It To Survive” By Hailing Ishimura

About Hailing Ishimura

Dom Hopson, who rocks the guitar, bass, and synthesizer and Chris True, who also rocks the guitar and bass, make up a terrific duet that goes by the name Hailing Ishimura. Dom and Chris first became acquainted with one another thanks to the shared past of their wives. Before they were a band, they were a family. In the month of December in the year 2021, the band got its start in an abandoned Pepsi bottling facility. The objective of the band was to communicate the story of their space trip through instrumental music.

The duo known as Hailing Ishimura draws inspiration from a wide range of well-known performers, including but not limited to Brand New, The Beatles, Coheed & Cambria, Lamb of God, If These Trees Could Talk, The Early November, and Thursday.


About The Release “We Did It To Survive”

In the release “We Did It to Survive,” by Hailing Ishimura the adventurers are in their most hopeless state. They are unable to salvage the situation and are forced to make difficult choices. The spirit of the song perfectly captures what they intended. It’s gloomy and heavy, but there are also brighter moments.

I think this track does a great job of bringing up the story’s climax thanks to the high quality harmonies that accompany each melody emission. Hailing Ishimura certainly didn’t leave any musical treasure unmined in this arrangement. When they set their mind to something, they give it their all.

This song had to have a gloomy atmosphere in order for it to properly represent this portion of the story that they are working to tell throughout their release. They gravitated toward darker tones in order to aid in the creation of the atmosphere they were going for.

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