Medikal ripped off of GHC2400 at Accra Technical University. 

Accra Technical University had their Akwaaba Night on their campus on the Friday, 12th October, 2018 and Medikal had a sort of “bad day”.

The night saw the likes of R2Bees and Medikal was also billed to perform on the night.

Well, we are know Medikal as that money man right? He had a whooping GHC2400 in his pocket and he was ripped off that money.

Medikal ripped off GHC2400 at Accra Technical University

He was not attacked, NO, not at all. According to a source who spoke to, Medikal threw himself into the crowd thus, giving them the chance to “steal” the money.

He didn’t realize his money was taken after throwing himself into the crowd.

We can’t state for a fact if the people who stole the money were students of Accra Technical University though it happened there.

Taking to Snapchat he expressed his profound gratitude to the student body for their love and later made the claim.

In a video available to, the How Much rapper said:

“They actually ripped off my back pocket and the person who got the GHC2400, God bless you! Enjoy am”.

Boys make wild on these streets chale. No time for dulling lol

Check out the video below….



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