Medikal “Eventuarry” Breaks His Silence On Strongman’s Diss


Medikal “Eventuarry” Breaks His Silence On Strongman’s Diss

Ghana has been very hot these past few days and trust me when i say it is getting hotter.

Diss songs coming in from all angles and it has made the industry very very interesting!!

Strongman has been trending on social media for the past three to four hours after taking Medikal to the gutters.

Social media has been buzzing from the very time Strongman released “Don’t try”. The boy is on some other level trust me.

Medikal "Eventuarry" Breaks His Silence On Strongman's Diss

Well, Medikal has finally reacted and according to him, he doesn’t beef with underground rappers.

He told Strongman to go get himself a hit sing before he comes back at him.

In a tweet he said, “I no de diss underground rappers, after you make a hit come back again,will be waiting”

Is Medikal afraid to reply Strongman or he just doesn’t want to continue this? The story continues…

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