Maya Yenn Unveils New Single ‘Better Luck Next Time’

Maya Yenn is a singer, songwriter, and independent producer from the United Kingdom. The distinctive sound that she creates sets delicate, gossamer vocals at the forefront of a dark alternative-pop background.

Her music, which is typically tinged with elements of modern R&B, is known for including gloomy lyrics that are centred on topics like anxiety and nightmares. Her haunting first album was a big success, and now she is making her comeback with a seductive new track titled “Better Luck Next Time.”

It’s essentially a song that takes that old phrase ‘rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic’ as an analogy for the way we treat people and our environment, except in this case the deck chairs are a report with a deadline and the Titanic is a plane going down over the Atlantic.

Musically, Maya Yenn isn’t afraid to bend genres, and her most recent release, Better Luck Next Time is no exception. Blending left-field production choices with pop, a whisper of jazz, and lyrical storytelling, the song centres around a disturbing analogy for humankind’s self-destructive behaviour and the consequences it will have for the future of the world.

Better Luck Next Time is told from the point of view of a young guy who has put his profession ahead of everything else in his life. In fact, he has put his work ahead of everything else to the point that he is still attempting to get a report out as his aircraft is crashing.

It is a troubling allegory for the self-destructive conduct of civilization and the ramifications that this behaviour will have for the future of the Earth, and it is placed to the background of buoyant, fun pop.

Better Luck Next Time maintains a precarious equilibrium between lightheartedness and ominousness throughout its whole, clocking in at 3 minutes and 22 seconds, and it is always on the verge of going over the deep end.

The instrumentation is treated as if it were playing just below the surface of the sea, giving the impression that a shark is following the listener just below the surface of the waves. Yenn views the megalodon as a representation of hustling culture as well as an imminent threat to the environment.

We seem to value productivity above everything else in our culture, and that has very real consequences for people and the environment. It’s really easy to lose sight of what’s actually important with all the pressure of profit margins and fast results but if we stay blinkered in this way it won’t just be people facing constant burnout but the world we live in too.

The track gives a passing nod to the swing singers of yesteryear through the watery brass and barely-surfacing orchestral moments. Even the title, Better Luck Next Time, seems to harken back to the twee, saccharine kind of song titles you’d expect to hear from Frank Sinatra or Bob Hope some seven decades ago.

It seems fitting that a song that offers a vision of a very dismal future would have such a flippant title since it symbolises our current day. We may keep repeating “we’ll get it right next time,” but at some point there simply isn’t going to be the next time because the world is on the verge of an environmental calamity and carbon-neutral policies are playing catch-up.

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