Maruja Returned To Share Their Tempestuous New Single ‘Thunder’

The jazz-punk band Maruja has returned once again to release their stormy new track titled “Thunder.”

The band has already established itself as one of the most stunningly chaotic bands now coming out of Manchester.

The band’s past albums serve as the harsh foundations around which “Thunder” is built. The album creates looming waves of uncompromising turmoil that pull you in closer with each instance that you are awake.

The song “Thunder” is as ruthless and ferocious as the worst storm, yet it is made with the same level of beauty. There is a deafening roar that sweeps in from all directions, engulfing everything and everyone that dares to venture into its path.

Howling guitars pull in all directions, screaming out from the depths with subtle venom, as seismic rolling percussion beats penetrate with every strike. As this steadily increasing sensation of strain briefly abates, the melancholy saxophone melodies of what’s been left behind wail out with an impassioned yearning for what’s been lost.

The strong and unrelenting delicacy of Maruja’s appeal is created by the confluence of singer and guitarist Harry Wilkinson, drummer Jacob Hayes, bassist Matt Buonaccorsi, and saxophone Joe Carroll.

In addition to receiving airplay on BBC Radio 6 and amassing close to one million views across all of its albums, the band has garnered the support of prominent independent music publications such as NME and So Young Magazine. However, the full force of their danger can only be experienced by attending one of their live performances.

Maruja is swiftly becoming a force to be reckoned with. They have already played at notable events such as Left of the Dial Rotterdam and Manchester Psych Fest, and they have supported artists such as The Lounge Society, L.A. Witch, and Enola Gay. They have also supported other artists.

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