Marshall Harner Is Out With A New Album

Marshall Harner, a young star from Gaithersburg, Maryland, has been steadily building his fanbase with a series of well received releases over the past two years, such as last year’s Daydream, and the new album looks set to continue his momentum and kickstart what promises to be an exciting year for him.

Marshall Harner, a gifted singer, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, has released his new album, “When the Night Was Just the Time When We Could Fall Asleep.” The album comes after the self-produced first song “Weather,” which features Ben Tsakopulos.

Marshall demonstrates his complete spectrum of abilities in his latest release, with the record highlighting the variety and diverse textures of his vocals. His refined production abilities are also on full display, with the album’s head nodding hip-hop sound likely to please listeners. The album has limitless repeat value and all the proper elements to be another success, thanks to Marshall’s frank lyrics and gift for irresistible melodies.

This album exhibits Marshall Harner’s capacity to upset the present music industry by being clever, rich, and thought-provoking. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter created and brought to life these existential melodies. After only one track, it is evident that the exquisite musicianship, conscious craftsmanship, and indisputable style displayed on this release comes from people producing work of a calibre beyond their time.

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