Mark Winters Releases Sophomore Album “Boundary Layer”

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, Mark Winters is a singer-songwriter-producer-composer who presently makes his home in Texas.

As a talented musician, composer, poet, entrepreneur, optimist, husband, and father, Mark Winters can do it all. He’s also a bona genuine rocket scientist.

Music has always had a special place in Mark’s heart, thus his grandma encouraged him to express himself via poetry as a child.

The highly expressive vocals and guitar lines in Mark’s early work captivated him as it did as a teenager, evoking and amplifying feelings such as joy, grief, and violence.

He was hooked on music because of the intimate connection he had while presenting a song to someone else. Mark’s composition approach was heavily influenced by poetry and the human emotional connection as he established his musical style.

Mark Winters releases Sophomore Album “Boundary Layer''
Mark Winters releases Sophomore Album “Boundary Layer”

Mark is an alt-rock, pop-rock, Americana, and folk-rock composer and performer. Think Tom Petty and John Mayer, with a little Jason Mraz tossed in for good measure. This musician strives to convey the good in the world and in the people around him via his music. Things that remind him to be better people are sometimes written about.

It is this characteristic sound that is reflected in Mark’s music, which has energetic, soul-connecting guitar riffs and unforgettable lyrics that interpret life, elevate, encourage and inspire us. When it comes to songwriting, he takes an open and honest approach, expressing his deepest thoughts and feelings to the listener in order to establish a lasting emotional connection.

Mark has a talent for simplifying complicated ideas and making them accessible to a wider audience. The perfect metre of Mark’s lyrics makes it natural that some of his poems begin with a Haiku. Syncopated lyrics and clear tone electric guitar chords are the perfect accompaniment to his scientific left brain’s message.

Emotions, ideas and experiences are broken down into simple, right-brain expressions, always with a positive outlook.

He embarked on the project “Boundary Layer” in an effort to discover his artistic potential by pushing himself to new heights. Throughout the album, Mark takes the listener on a gentle rock trip, conquering personal boundaries and savouring the beauty of nature. You’ll be able to discover a pleasant vibe and message in the music’s passionate guitar riffs and philosophical and scientific lyrics.

Through this project, Mark is able to demonstrate how his scientific mind intersects with his desire to spread happiness and do good actions. the area on an item in a moving fluid where things may either start going or stop) is a homage to individuals who have assisted Mark in his life’s quest to break free of “normal,” the limits we set for ourselves and others, and seek the person he was destined to be.

This new album is intended to serve as a catalyst for people to break through personal boundaries and start moving in the direction they’ve always known they should be going.

The tracks on this album are meant to inspire people to focus on the good things in life, such as sending out a positive “Signal,” breaking past “Boundary Layers,” or surrounding themselves with “Positive People.”

Besides his work in music, he serves as a mentor and a coach to small businesses and volunteers in the community. He enjoys running, rollerblading, biking, surfing, writing poetry, eating What-a-Burger, and travelling when he has free time.

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