Mark Rosal Releases A Classic Single Dubbed “Song For Ellen”

Mark Rosal is a Canadian vocalist and songwriter.

As a kid, Mark always liked listening to rock music, and in his 20s he learned how to play the guitar and started writing his own songs. Every day, Mark dedicates himself to honing his skill and becoming better at it.

Some ideas are easy to come up with, while others are quickly discarded. Like many things in life, it gets a second opportunity when the person can’t stop thinking about it.

Mark is a singer and songwriter who writes songs on personal development, the inner journey, spirituality, relationships, and society as a way to express himself. This is where he feels most at ease since it comes more readily to him, and he also expresses himself more authentically based on personal experiences.

Mark Rosal Releases A Classic Single Dubbed ' Song For Ellen'
Mark Rosal Releases A Classic Single Dubbed ‘ Song For Ellen’

Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Leonard Cohen, Gordon Lightfoot and Van Morrison are some of his biggest musical inspirations, despite the fact that he regularly attends personal psychotherapy sessions.

From this work, he draws inspiration for his work. His songs are a celebration of individual stories, an introspective look at the world around us, and an in-depth look at life’s journey. Jotting down a song’s lyrics or the first few lines

Every song he has ever written is about his journey through this globe. The problems he’s facing, both personally and globally. Over the course of many decades, Mark has diligently pursued psychotherapy as a means of better understanding his own psyche.

With his songs, he aims to communicate to people that he is a lifelong learner of personal development and change. Songwriting has always been and will continue to be driven by Mark’s true love of music, the tales he tells, and the connection he makes with his fans.

Ear Gear is a hearing aid retention and protection device that Mark created and sells.

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