Man Launches Himself Into Space But it Ended In Tears

To what extent would you go to prove your point? To what extreme are you willing to go? Mike Hughes in an attempt to see for himself if the world is flat or round a carlifornian man launches himself into space to see for himself ,but crash lands leading to his death

In a video posted on the BBC news website, ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes said he didn’t want to take anyone else’s word for the earth being a globe.

“I don’t know if the world is flat or round,” he said.

So he built himself a rocket which was to take him 1500 meters high to enable him see for himself how the earth is, and see for himself the shape of the earth.

Freelance journalist Justin Chapman caught the whole thing on video, sharing the clip on Twitter


“However the things didn’t really go how the 64-year-old Mike Hughes foresaw as it ended in tragedy when the rocket he was piloting crashed on private property near Barstow, California, on Sunday, AEST.

In the video, the rocket’s parachute can be seen snapping off from the rocket, leaving Mr Hughes with no way to safely land. After being airborne for just a few seconds, the rocket begins a free-fall to earth before crashing in a puff of dust.

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The rocket’s parachute can be seen snapping off from the rocket

In a video previously posted on his YouTube site, Hughes said he also wanted “to convince people they can do things that are extraordinary with their lives”.

“If you’re not scared to death, you’re an idiot,” Hughes said. “It’s scary as hell, but none of us are getting out of this world alive. I like to do extraordinary things that no one else can do, and no one in the history of mankind has designed, built and launched himself in his own rocket

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