Mamzel Sheena Celebrates Feminism In New A Song

Mamzel Sheena Celebrates Feminism In New A Song

Mamzel Sheena Celebrates Feminism In New A Song

Sheena is an independent artist who runs her own choreographies then frequent dance studios. From childhood, she was orientated towards the dance; the song will come later. She Sheena debuts in the classic genre then focus on modern afro-jazz hip-hop for associations cultural. She conducts her first choreography at age 15.

In the 90s, Sheena started a group of singers/dancers: The Soap. The training is intended to do live; she creates the choreography, backing vocals and practising slam/rap. Focused on the scenic aspect, she is at ease in writing compositions in collaborating with the late Dj Cool aka Mellowman, To enrich herself, she goes to Italy for 2 years; she participates in a big tour/show with Brazilians who give him his artist nickname. At the same time, she did some model castings and photo shoots.

East-West is interested in the group and offers to sign; she continues their progression through multiple scenes (Divan du World, Bataclan) and the adventure will last 3 years. Subsequently, she continues to solo his artistic journey by staging the Lady Laistee show at the Printemps de Bourges and participates in the backgrounds.

His meeting with François “Lenox” Fourlin (multi-instrumentalist artist/musician and composer) leads him to materialize a project in the model. Sheena goes to the United States to refine her style and create opportunities for her career. She goes through numerous castings; she appears in the music video of K-Ci and Jojo of the group Jodeci; Sheena meets the New Yorker Lawrence “Dj Muggs” Muggerud known for his membership in the hip-hop group Cypress Hill. Back in France, Sheena participates in the animation of the program Hits machine presented by Charly & Lulu; she meets Lauryn Hill who appreciates his work and encourages him to persevere.

Reinforced by all its meetings and experiments, Sheena works on vocals and polishes his stage play. She experiences herself at shows and musicals. For his musical colour, she improves in writing to tackle challenging themes. More seasoned, Sheena is working on the release of her first single from Airplay. It incorporates more conscious messages and is found through more personal matters. According to Mamzel Sheena: ” The feminine energy pushes us to introspection … Vulnerable and sensitive, we take the time to listen to our inner voice to follow our intuitions. Love, benevolence, faith, patience, temperance and resilience give us the courage and strength to seek the balance between our shadows and lights. Nowadays, more than ever, LET’S BE FANM !

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