Maia Malancus Continues Her Artistic Rise With The Release Of Her Second Single ‘Chewing Gum’

Maia Malancus is one of the most exciting and breathtaking artists working today. She began her career as a musician at a young age, and the young artist has already achieved a great deal of success in the music industry.

After winning “The Voice Junior” (Romania) at the age of 9 with her coach, Marius Moga, and releasing the first video with ADDA for the song “Vreau să Zbor” (“I Want to Fly”), Maia Mălăncuș continued her ascent to prominence as an artist with the publication of her upcoming single.

Maia Mălăncuş learned that she had a love for dubbing in addition to the enthusiasm she already had for music. The artist provided the voice of Young Nala in “The Lion King,” as well as the voice of Mei, one of the most well-liked main characters in the animated comedy “Turning Red,” which was produced by Disney and Pixar Animated Studios. In addition, the artist provided the voice of Shahdi Wright for “The Lion King.”

Soon after that, she established the pop rock band RockFire, and in 2020, when she was only 14 years old, Maia Mălăncuș appeared on the stage of the Romanian version of X Factor, where she not only won over the judges but also the public, with her boundless enthusiasm and her vocals.

With the release of her second single, “Chewing Gum,” Maia Malancus continues her ascent as an artist. This upbeat song will stick in your head because of how much fun it is to listen to.

The song “Chewing Gum,” which Marius Dia and Alin Ilieș co-wrote, is an excellent choice for the young performer and, without a doubt, for the members of generation Z, who can be found in the narrative that lies beneath the song’s infectious lyrics.

“Chewing Gum,” which is considered by her community to be one of the most TikTok-able tunes that Maia Mălăncuş has produced so far, will win you over from the very first chord, and it will not only offer you the required amount of insanity, but also a mood that is new and cool.

The single’s atmosphere is carried over into the accompanying music video, which has striking visuals that will transport you to a world bursting with colour and sound.

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